LRF Bulldozer, 100% Murray Grey Bull (FOR SALE)

Our big man, striking a pose.  LRF Bulldozer is a 100% dark grey Murray Grey bull registered with the American Murray Grey Association. (see LRF Bulldozer PEDIGREE)
BORN:  3/22/2014
Somewhere north of 2,000lb, he is a good-natured bull and a proven breeder.   He has thrown two super dark/black calves.  These and other offspring are pictured below.  Most calving weights were in the 65-73# range and calving was unassisted.

We love this bull, but to keep our herd genetics diversified, he is available FOR SALE!

Price $3,900.00


LRF Bulldozer received Senior Bull Champion to Reserve Grand Champion, Ohio Beef Expo 2016 (shown by Steve Cummings of Limestone Ridge Farms)

Some of this year’s May-calved (4-month-old) steers for progeny examples.  These fellas were a little camera shy and good pics were hard to get.  There are two pics of the black bull calf, by himself and with his mother at 4 months old.  He is not steered.  The last one pictured is our Labor-Day-weekend heifer calf, Freedom.  She is super dark/black and soft as velvet.



    • Hi, Julia. When we purchased him we were not yet set up for collecting indexing data on his progeny and, truthfully, we have a lot to learn on that front. That is one of our 2019 goals, to collect that all important info on our calves. The only indexing am aware of is what is shown on the registry site I linked to for his pedigree, and that was supplied by his breeder. Do you have any specific questions we might be able to answer?


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