Customer Appreciation SALE!

You know, we’re still pretty new to this freezer beef thing and your support means the world to us!  Our newly simplified pricing brings you savings, and with additional markdowns up to 15% through 12/31/2018NOW is the time to stock up on your Grass-Fed, Grass Finished Beef!

  Ground Beef 85/15, 1 lb pack SALE $4.25 each
  Ground Sirloin 90/10 ~ 1 lb pack SALE $5.10 each
  T-Bone Steaks ~ 2 steaks/pkg,  SALE $10.63 per pkg
  New York Strip Steaks ~  2 steaks/pkg, SALE $6.38 – $9.78 per pkg
  Ribeye Steaks ~ 2 steaks/pkg, SALE $9.57 – $12.75 per pkg
  Filet Mignon ~ 2 steaks/pkg, SALE$12.75 – $17.00 per pkg

  Bone-In & Boneless Chuck Roasts ~ 8 in stock, $7.65 – $11.70 each
  Flank Steak ~ 1 in stock, SALE $5.10 each

We also have Soup Bones, Cube Steak, Beef Liver, Skirt Steak, London Broil, and Sirloin Steak.

We have live chat on the desktop website and you can email or Message us from FACEBOOK to communicate about questions and delivery options!

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