*updated* LRF Oakenshield, 100% Murray Grey Bull (FOR SALE)

**UPDATE** Igenity/Neogen Testing Results
A-Mannosidosis Free
Myostatin 1, nt821

LRF Oakenshield is a silver 100% Murray Grey bull registered with the American Murray Grey Association. (see LRF Oakenshield PEDIGREE)
BORN:  1/10/2016
This the first year we have used Oakenshield and all his ladies are confirmed bred as of last week.

We carefully paired this bull with unrelated females this year but we just have too many connections in our herd to keep him. He’s FOR SALE!

Price $2,900.00

LRF Oakenshield, 9/20/18.  Age 2 yr 8 mo.
“Seriously, ANOTHER picture?” 9/20/18
“Ok, but just one more.” 9/20/18
Oakenshield enjoying the shade, 9/20/18
Oakenshield at 16 months.

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