About Us

Compass Creek Farms, LLC is owned and operated by Ned and Bridgette Reagin, and Roy and Christine Wooten.  Beginning with our meeting at church in Georgia, our friendship has spanned over 20 years and various moves until we settled into our shared valley in Metcalfe County, Kentucky in 2004.

We began hosting Christ-centered youth events on our property and over the years, our paths have taken some unexpected twists and turns.  In 2016, we talked about putting some idle acreage to work by purchasing cattle for our own family’s meat.  We knew we wanted a sustainable cattle plan.  After winnowing down the cattle breed options to four ideal choices with pros and cons of each, we all four individually selected the Murray Grey breed.

Thanksgiving weekend, 2016 our first cattle arrived on the property and we fell in love with these cattle.  By 2017 we felt led to expand from just a small personal herd to producing freezer beef for sale.  We grew our herd in 2017 by purchasing cows from a couple that were retiring from the cattle business.

2018 was the first year we were able to offer freezer beef.  We all taste tested our own product before offering it for sale, and can I just say, we were hooked.  Tender, lean beef, grown in as natural a way as possible.  We are all in!

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Ned & Bridgette Reagin                           Roy & Christine Wooten