Here are a few questions and answers that you may find helpful.

Q:  Do you ship?
A:   Shipping beef is very costly to the purchaser.  We would rather help you find a similar, wholesome meat producer in your local area to support their small business!.  Feel free to message us for help in finding a local source.

Q:  Do you sell beef by the piece?
A:   We will sell individual cuts in small quantities so you can sample our product but beyond that, purchasing a freezer beef portion (eighth/quarter/half/whole) is the way to go.  To trim costs and freezer space, go in on a portion with a friend or two.  Fill out the cut order sheet together, then after delivery of the portion, divide up the meat as you both would like.

Q:  Is the beef fresh or frozen?
A:  Our beef is vacuum sealed and frozen solid at the butcher to ensure freshest quality at the time of purchase and use.  

Q:  How much freezer room do I need?
A:  A general rule of thumb is 1 cubic foot (12” x 12” x 12”) for every 25-35 lbs. of meat.  Most refrigerator freezers will accommodate 40-50 lbs. of beef.
     Half beef, approx 5-7 cu ft.
     Whole beef, approx 10-14 cu ft.

Q:  Where is the beef processed?
A:   Our beef is processed by Central Kentucky Custom Meats in Liberty, Kentucky and it is USDA inspected.

Q:  How long will my frozen beef be good for?
A:   Typically, vacuum sealed beef will be good for at least 12 months and sometimes up to 3-4 years if kept constantly frozen.