Our Practices

Chances are, if you are reading this then you are looking for Beef, Chicken, or Eggs that aren’t produced on the enormous scale of commercial operations and destined for local supermarket shelves.

We aren’t going to cite studies or debate health benefits of grass vs. grain finished beef.   That’s for scientists and marketing departments, which we are not.  We just want to produce good food in as natural a manner as possible, and share that with you.  We’ve had lots of positive customer comments and we’ll be posting some of those in the near future!

We are happy to share the cornerstones of our farming practices, starting with the key bullet points.

  • No growth hormones given, ever.
  • No global antibiotics given through feed, ever.
  • Non-GMO feed/supplement sourced for weaning time.
  • No injected solutions, added water, or added fat in any of our final meat products.

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