Raising Beef

BEEF ~ Grass Fed, Start to Finish

Our cattle are raised on natural pastures which contain a blend of grasses for optimal health year-round.  We move our cattle almost daily in an intensive rotational grazing program.  This helps prevent high manure concentrations and ensures they are eating fresh grass that has been allowed a recovery period for maximum nutrition.  Over winter they are moved somewhat less frequently but have access to stockpiled standing forage, winter forages, and plenty of hay.

We grass-feed and grass-finish our beef.  The only time the cattle are given bagged feed is at weaning time to help smooth the transition from mother’s milk to forage only.  We source non-GMO feeds for this purpose.  Cattle also have free access to mineral supplements.  By allowing growth to proceed at a natural pace without using feeds to speed weight gain along, most of our beef animals will spend approximately 2 years on our farm consuming forage.

We have chosen Murray Grey as our cattle breed because of some key qualities that make them suited to our operation size and methodologies.   To learn more about characteristics of this breed and why we chose them over the most common commercial breeds, check out Why Murray Greys?.

In the end, our goal is to produce a flavorful and tender, naturally produced beef product that is healthy for you and excellent in every way.