Raising Chicken

When it comes to chicken, the commercial poultry industry certainly has mass production figured out.  Around here though, we are fond of doing things a little different.

Raised on fresh green grass and in the open air, chickens are protected from predators by electrified mesh fencing that is moved periodically to keep ‘paddocks’ fresh and clean.  They have access to shelter, clean water and all the non-GMO, antibiotic-free feed they want.

Our chickens are processed at a USDA-inspected facility where there are no injected solutions or water added to increase weight.  There are no washes or flushes of any kind — all you get is clean chicken.

Our chickens are primarily modern, tasty, heavy-weight broilers, though we have also raised some heritage chickens that typify a smaller, stronger-flavored, old-fashioned chicken.

One of the things Bridgette noted upon handling the birds was that her hands didn’t burn afterwards.  In the past, when handling raw chicken, her hands were always affected, but not with these carefully raised and processed meat birds.

We are spoiled by the quality of our chickens, and we hope you’ll agree that they are a cut above commercially grown chicken.

We still have some available.  Check it out on our Farm Store page.