The Winter of the Mud

With the heralding last night of yet ANOTHER flood watch in our area, can we just say…enough with the rain already!?   Completely saturated ground + 1200# cows = mud mud mud.  So, I couldn’t help having a little fun with some pics of our girls that handle the onslaught of saturation with such aplomb.  Have…

Two-Fer; A Donkey Tale

Sometimes, you just never know what’s going to happen on a farm. We bought Maybelle and her young jenny, Hattie, back in May 2017 because they didn’t get along with their owner’s horses.  Well, these donkey’s are mostly gentle, but they are far from pets as we bought them to help protect the cows from…

A New King of the Valley

Meet Bulldozer.  (ha ha) A quick glance in the field and you could mistake him for a buffalo, but he’s all Murray Grey.  He was immediately interested in his field companions, and they found him udderly–uh, utterly–fascinating.  

Getting to Know the New Girls

These girls are so lovely.  We couldn’t wait to get out there and get to know them.  It was a fun photo time.  Some of these girls are camera hogs.  So gorgeous!                      

More Murray Greys? Yes, Please!

In mid-May we had a great opportunity to visit a farm in Ohio where an older couple were retiring from the ranching business.  They had a lovely small herd of mature cows with good calving records and a handful of young heifers .  They were all ‘open’ (unbred) due to what they later learned was…


In our meetings and planning sessions the concern about coyotes had been raised more than once.  Regionally, ranchers keep donkeys as a protector in the field against coyotes and they swear by them.  So when Ned came across a Facebook ad for a donkey and her female foal for a shockingly reasonable price, we jumped…

We’re in Love with Murray Greys

It’s Valentine’s Day and it seems only fitting that we should declare our love for the Murray Grey breed.  It’s official.  The more we work with the cattle, the more we love them.  I suspect we’re going to be expanding our herd in the near future. 😉    

Our First Murray Grey Cattle Arrive

Having finally decided to put some beef cattle on the property, we moved on to the agonizing decision of what kind.  In the end, we all voted for Murray Grey.  (read about why in our article  “Why Murray Greys”.)  So we found a farm selling some young heifers and we purchased 6 heifers, 1 young…