When we started out, we were just looking to grow beef as naturally as possible for our families. Obviously, it grew into something a little bigger than we expected, but our guiding principals remain the same.

  • Cattle are to be fed on grass as long as it lasts and then hay in the winter.
  • Never use medicated feeds or growth hormones.
  • Use mob-grazing methods to preserve pasture integrity and stretch stocking rates.

The above practices means it takes longer to finish a beef animal than it’s feedlot counterpart, sometimes up to a year longer.  That ties up grass resources, hay resources, and it is time intensive to move the cattle routinely to fresh pastures.  However, this also results in an animal that is not fattened on a feedlot diet.  The meat is quite lean, and instead of being bland, it has real flavor.  To compare any grass-finished beef against a supermarket cut isn’t quite fair because what went into their production was so divergent.

We eat the very same beef we sell and for us, there is no going back to “before.”  We feel good about the beef we are consuming, how it was raised and how good it is for us.  We hope you’ll feel the same.

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